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Agenium Scale joins Agenium Group
April 15 2019

Agenium Group acquires Numscale, strengthens its capabilities and completes its range of services The technological complementarity with the Group's other subsidiaries and the scope of the markets covered enable Agenium Group to boost its growth and its capacity for innovation. Today, Agenium Group announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Numscale (now Agenium Scale), a company offering software solutions for high-performance numerical computation and complex systems.

Agenium Scale offers an innovative product offering combining expertise in SIMD technology and knowledge of hardware infrastructures. Agenium Scale also offers a range of high value-added services in the design, development, optimization and industrialization of software solutions. Agenium Group intends to continue the development of Agenium Scale alongside the historical founders and Scientipôle Capital Ile-de-France. The stated objective is the emergence of a leader in the software computing performance market. With this acquisition, Agenium Group shows its dynamism and confirms its dynamic of rapid growth.

An ambitious objective

The transaction announced today is based on the complementary nature of the skills, technologies and market coverage of the Agenium Group companies. This operation allows the group to reach a critical size that will strengthen its market position by offering more development and innovation capabilities. Financially, Agenium Group's objective is to achieve a turnover of €10 million excluding tax in the short term without reducing its margins. A strategy that will be organized around the consolidation of international development, bringing teams together and pursuing innovation, whether in terms of software solutions or associated services.

Focus on performance and expertise to penetrate new markets

Complementary to image processing, systems obsolescence and simulation activities, Agenium Scale's expertise will strengthen the Agenium Group's intervention capacity. Working mainly for civilian clients, Agenium Scale will be able, through its entry into the group, to share its expertise with clients in the defence sector, already supported by several Group companies. "We see this acquisition as an opportunity to strengthen our Group's capacity for innovation and development by promoting the achievement of a critical size that is relevant to future market expectations," said Joël Castets, President of Agenium Group.

About Agenium Group

For more than 15 years, Agenium Group has been applying its expertise in the defence, aeronautics and space, as well as security and telecommunications sectors. The Group occupies a key position in these sectors, with its specialized and highly differentiated know-how, supporting players such as Thales, Thales Alenia Space Airbus, CNES, DGA, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, Ariane Group, Ariane Space...

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