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About us News February 22, 2021

NSIMD is now available on the excellent #Godbolt, try it now! #simd #hpc

NSIMD is now available on the excellent #Godbolt. Thanks to their team NSIMD is now a library at #Godbolt. More formally known as Compiler Explorer, Godbolt allows one to write code and, at the same time, see the corresponding assembly. Code can be plain C, C++, Fortran, CUDA or many other. A lot of compilers are supported including GCC, Clang, MSVC, ICC and many other. The resulting assembly is...

About us News January 11, 2021

Agenium Scale authorized IntelĀ® oneAPI Technology Partner.

Agenium Scale is thrilled to announce that it is now an authorized IntelĀ® oneAPI Technology Partner.


News December 15, 2020

A new version of NSIMD has been released with support for GPUs, check it out!

The new version of NSIMD brings a lot of bug fixes, better support for already supported SIMD extensions, better testing, better documentation. We have added modules to NSIMD. A module is a set of features that are proposed to users usually in C++ only. This version comes with five modules. Three of them add support for GPU and propose an abstraction to CUDA and ROCm/HIP. Another module provides...

News November 4, 2020

People are talking about NSIMD and its application to EFISPEC3D and GROMACS.

Sylvain Jubertie, assitant professor at the University of Orleans, presented recent work around NSIMD at the days of the thematic research network "Data, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling and Simulation" (RTR-DIAMS). His presentation focused on the vectorization of a compuation kernel of the EFISPEC3D code. The EFISPEC3D open source code, developed since the end of 2009 by BRGM (the french geological...

News October 26, 2020

Researchers from around the globe are working using NSIMD for its portability and very easy integration with AMTs like HPX #hpc #research #simd #hpx

Researchers from India, the US and Germany are working using NSIMD. They needed to test some code on various architectures including the latest Arm SVE SIMD extension. Using NSIMD made their work easier thanks to its portability accross hardware architectures and its ease of integration with existing paradigms such as Asynchronous Many-Task programming models (HPX).

News October 15, 2020

C++20 concepts are coming to NSIMD. Stay tuned for our next release.

C++20 brings a lot of new features including concepts. These allow you to define constraints on template parameters of classes and functions. This feature, designed by Bjarne Strouptroup from the very beginning of C++, allows, among other things, better diagnostics by C++ compilers as well as a better selection among overloads and specializations of template classes and functions. NSIMD is a vectorization...

Events October 12, 2020

Forum Teratec Digital 2020

Retrouvez-nous au Forum TERATEC Digital les 13 et 14 octobre 2020 !

News October 2, 2020

New publication about #HPC: On the usage of the @Arm C Language

New publication about #HPC:  On the usage of the @Arm C Language 

Extensions for a High-Order Finite-Element Kernel. 

Physics-based three-dimensional numerical simulations are becoming more predictive and have already become essential. As an example in geophysics, simulations at scale with...

News July 2, 2020

FrenchTech Paris Saclay

Committed to local innovation and collaboration, Agenium Scale is excited to join the French Tech Paris Saclay association to strengthen its bonds and share experience with the local entrepreneur community !

French Tech Paris-Saclay is a non-profit association that represents startup companies, scaleup companies and project promoters of the Paris-Saclay area that encompasses the metropolitan...

About us News June 19, 2020

Microsoft Partner

Agenium Scale is pleased to annouce  that we have become a Microsoft Partner.

It is essentially within the framework of our code optimization activities that we work with Microsoft and particularly in their Azure environment.

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