Our expertise

Our expertise lies in various business areas as well as in the entire software development chain and includes knowledge of processors and computation architectures.



Distributed computation



ARM, PowerPC, Intel, AMD


C, C++, C#, Fortran, Python, MATLAB, ...

Embedded software

Aerospace, Rail ways, Automotive, ...

Operating systems

Linux, Windows and compatibility Intel, ARM, PowerPC...


We work in all business areas that require computations (automotive, space, rail, finance, telecoms, aeronautics, defence).

Image processing

Benefits from Agenium Scale's engineers in order to design from scratch image processing algorithms. We can also optimize existing algorithms by taking advantage of parallalism levels provided by modern processors.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance of systems composed by tens or hundreds of subsystems requires well designed algorithms in order to analyze as quickly as possible and in real time the amount of data coming from these subsystems. Agenium Scale can help you in this matter and can apply it to several businesses.

Machine learning

Machine learning algorithms can be found in many businesses and give really good results. Agenium Scale's specialty in this area is to optimze neural networks inference and more generally machine learning algorithms to speedup their executions and to execute them in embedded systems.

Complex systems

A lot of businesses require specific hardware that must be connected to a computation system. The interaction of all these components within an HPC system is difficult. Agenium Scale's expertise will allow you to design and industrialize such a solution.

Real time

A increasing number of systems need to be real time. This can be for security or technical reasons. In any case it is necessary to optimize softwares that run on such systems. The expertise of Agenium Scale's engineers in HPC can be used in this domain in order to make your algorithm real time.

Main examples
This basis is found in many technical subjects such as image processing, predictive maintenance, machine learning, real time and complex systems.

Code Modernization and refactoring

We can modernize your C++98 or Python 2 code to use the last versions of those languages (C++14, C++17, Python 3). This allows you to revisit its data structures and its API in order to use the features of the standard libraries of those languages. This also allows you to use the last copmilers in order to take advantage of their optimization passes.

Diagnosis and optimization of existing software

We analyze your code to establish a diagnostic and offer recommandations. This can be followed by optimizations at high level (data structures, serialization) but also at low level (MPI, SIMD, mult-threading).

Porting source code from one language to another

We translate code which can come from a prototype in order to make it more robust and increase its running times. For example we can convert MATLAB or Python into C/C++.

Custom software and applications

We start from scratch and make a custom software to answer your needs. This software can be stand-alone, be part of a bigger system, communicate with standard and home-made hardware, be in embedded systems.